Saturday, July 10, 2010

Many Pilots Will Deny Seeing a UFO

Quantum Gardening

By the way, (editor's note) I've just recently made the jump to monetizing this blog by signing up for Google Ad Words, and I'd like to make mention of how delighted I am with the selection of advertisements Google has positioned on this site.  The ads, as maybe you've noticed, are almost all Kennedy Assassination or other paranoia-related in some way, which encourages me to suspect that there's a lot more conspiracy theory based commerce taking place in this country now a days than I previously knew.  Considering the tough economic times, this could finally be my way in to the new and untapped lucrative niche market for which I've been looking.  One ad I've seen on here actually even goes as far as to mention Lee Harvey Oswald by name.  How cool is that?!   I'm thrilled!  Still another ad warns that "a 12 gauge shotgun won't save you" or your family, if you are ever attacked by highly motivated, highly trained psycho ninja murderers, so you really have no alternative but to sign up for their utterly deadly new self-defense system scientifically designed to take full advantage of your own natural, primal fight or flight instincts.  (Check these out, if you think I'm joking.)   I'm now not only actually considering trading in my 12 gauge for the more "natural" system (new age bleeding heart liberal tree-hugger that I am,) but also now get the somewhat serious creeps from visiting my own blog, as opposed to the anxiety I get daily from all the usual depravity I manage to encounter just from navigating to Facebook.  So great. I'm now being forced to confront that I'm almost too chicken to visit my own blog.  But please, that certainly shouldn't stop you...

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