Thursday, December 22, 2011

Treated Like a Dog

Happy Holidays, everyone.  2012 is going to kick ass!  We pledge: more frequent posts and finally (maybe) the actual new website.  We're back here @ Blogspot now, because of @#$%&*! transitional web technical crap that is so far beyond my comprehension--  well, don't get me started.  But we hope to get all that settled early in the new year.  In the meantime, to everyone everywhere, we desire you all to have a great, happy, healthy, peaceful and highly humorous new year!   Remember, if we could all see with the sight of the Buddha, all is one.  That means we wouldn't have to make long distance calls to, or even wave at each other, because we're all already one soul, all part of one really great, really fun, big honkin' thing of the universe ooh la la, "bad" is good, good is good, and we all get into the movies for one low admission.  And the popcorn is free.  We ARE the popcorn, etc. etc.  So, woohoo.  Go have fun...

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