Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Tribute

Dear Friends and Blog Followers, in an effort to be as responsive as possible to and as interactive as possible with comments I receive on this blog, I am only too happy to briefly interrupt the thread that's been developing having to do with the true story of my alien abduction in order that I might, as one commenter has suggested, give credit where credit is very much due. Below I present to you a video work created by and starring a man to whom, along with Pablo Picasso, I owe a huge debt of gratitude for the powerful and truly profound influence he had on the course of my early artistic development. I am speaking of an enormously gifted and telegenic artist whose warmth and encouragement moved millions of people a long time ago to follow their muse.  I am speaking, of course, of none other than "America's favorite TV artist," John Gnagy.  Thank you, John Gnagy, wherever you are, for what you gave to me and to all of us.  Thank you.

Dear Friends, keep your comments coming. They are appreciated. Sometimes, as yet anyway, they are my only recompense for my efforts on this strange blog thing, and in the days ahead I have definite plans to incorporate many more suggestions and requests into the content of The Great Cartoon of Life. Thank you. -- The Management

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