Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today the Traveling Sketch Pad Made a Wrong Turn in the Rain and Found Something Profound.

Wasn't going to draw today.  Too busy with other things.  Heavy rain slowing me down enough.  Many chores to do.  Then I stopped to buy vacuum cleaner bags, had to drive a weird way through a part of Hollywood with which I'm unfamiliar to avoid backing out of a parking lot over one of those tire wripper things (hate those,) made a wrong turn, discovered it was a right turn (a left actually,) and suddenly-- I spent an hour I'll never get back.  But the Traveling Sketch Pad has a responsibility to obey it's prime directive, to boldly go, and sketch, and sometimes sit around doing weird stuff in weird places for an hour where no man or woman hopefully may have sat around or sketched or just been weird before.  
Below is a GCOL first; a short video, the result of following said prime directive. 

This going and sketching, exploring, and sitting in parked cars in the rain, etc. Captain Kirk would understand.  I have a feeling that had I walked up those stairs I may have passed through a time portal and become able to observe myself in an alternate place and time screwing up things that in this dimension I haven't even become confused or bothered by yet.  Luckily we'll never know.  I had do get home and do my housework.  Also, I didn't have an umbrella.  No one in LA ever has an umbrella....   

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Good luck with that.

This is a painting I made for my wife a few years back.  I always intended to do more to it.  It never seemed finished.  But maybe it is...

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