Friday, October 1, 2010

Will the Real Jupiter Please Lay Like a Lox?


I thought I would do this today for no particular reason, except for the opportunity to do another post right away using some very easy photography.  So for anyone who ever wondered at all where things in my cartoons come from, I give you-- Jupiter, cartoon dog of the Internet. 

The truth is, I make very little stuff up.  I'm really more a reporter.  And it just so happens that I live among some very entertaining creatures.  Or at least I find them so.  So, it is for me very much as Pablo Picasso supposedly once said, "I paint what I see, and I keep seeing this very strange little fluffy white dog doing these really weird and sort of unbelievable things all the time, so what can I do?"
It may be that that's more of a paraphrase than a direct quote, but art is not math.  Otherwise I would have had much better SAT scores way back when and be much better at helping my daughter in school today.  Oh well...

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