Monday, December 6, 2010

Bunnyman, Unfortunately You Just Don't Always Get the Time to Sit Around and Decide Whether You're an Asshole or a Saint.

and now
We interrupt this blog for an important announcement!!
   Friends, Readers, Subscribers, People who own computers, The Great Cartoon of Life is pleased to announce 

The First, Last and Only Annual Great Cartoon of Life Great Re-Name That Struggling Webcomic With a More Appropriate, Funnier and Hopefully More Meaningful Name Contest....of Life!!

Friends, in case you didn't know, The Great Cartoon of Life is soon to undergo a spactacular, though completely non-violent webcomicular metamorphosis.  To the person or persons who can come up with the best new name for this strip as it transubstantiates into its new upcoming form, there will go a prize presented in the form of the T-shirt kind.  All the rules, the I's to dot and T's to cross, are now being worked out by our vast staff of artiste/bureaucrats and will be set forth soon on two stone tablets on the mall in front of our corporate headquarters in Honolulu, or for those of you for whom checking back in at this website is easier, all the info you need to enter will soon be right here, in the near FUTURE.  Although we procrastinate in getting the important contest info out to you, this should in no way delay you from starting to submit your enormous number of entries via the very appropriately named "comments" dialogue boxes scattered about the site.  Remember, you may enter as many times as you like.  All entries will be recorded as they come in.  In case of duplicate entries, the earliest submitted-- But why am I explaining this now?  All the overwrought details will be available soon in our vast, fine print rules and accompanying legal language list on this site, and, of course, chiseled with great care and accuracy into the tablets, in Honolulu...  Good luck.


  1. How about "And Then the Shovel Broke..."?

  2. YES!



  3. Donuts in Space

    If it takes off, you can get Nicholas cage to play the father, and in the end the kids can go off to a special planet where they live happily ever after with their pet donuts. Oh, and they can repopulate their species...

    Don't Touch My Junk

    The Real Jupiter

    Snow Cones are So Good



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