Monday, November 29, 2010

Once Again a Bunnyman Picnic Goes Awry Because Ed Can't Stop Thinking About Donuts in Space.

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  1. See? So I took the previous day's doodle, sketch, messing around, whatever you want to call it, and turned it into some sort of actual panel picking up a story in progress. I wanted to do this without changing the original drawings at all practically except for adding where necessary. Hence Bunnyman's body got added on and now it looks like Ed may be attempting flight while also touching or maybe patting down Bunnyman's junk. Totally unintentional, this detail could be seen as either the big flaw of this particular frame or, on the other hand, the brilliant method by which the author sneaked in a rye topical comment ripped from the day's headlines. Q: Is Ed in his frustration at not being able to fly, "reaching" for a "position" with the TSA?

    Also, please send in more suggestions for new titles for this webcomic. Martin Olsen is now far in the lead in this department. I'm gradually hatching a plan to award a GCL (or affiliated nonsense) T-shirt, or something like that to the person who comes up with the winning new title. It's possible the final decision will be thrown open to a vote among the readers, sort of like American Idol, only without the interest, charm, wit, drama, etc. etc. So get those names coming in.



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