Friday, December 3, 2010

As Ed Begins to Make Contact, Bunny's Worst Fears are Realized. Will he have to Administer a Mental Heimlich Maneuver? (It's Thanksgiving!)


  1. Names! I need names! Ideas! Come on, there's got to be more than one of you out there who has some interesting thoughts on what new to call this strip! Cut loose! Go wild! No suggestion is too outrageous! Except "Peanuts." Don't suggest "Peanuts."

  2. No, Ed does not condone the use of substances for space travel. He's high on the real thing, which means I have no idea the means by which he's achieving his current state of consciousness, although he did do several years meditating in an ashram a long time ago, but that was before his Scientology days.

    Mr. Monkey, care to suggest some possible new titles for this webcomic?



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